Saint Petersburg Russia Ramadan timing 2017

Saint Petersburg is the city of white night there is no Sunset, So, Ramadan in Saint Petersburg Russia has its own significance, in other word you can say that Ramadan in saint Petersburg is very challenging due to Ramadan timing, and there is long gap between iftar and sehar time,   (please scroll for Roza timing and full Ramadan calendar for Saint Petersburg Russia).  Approximately the sehar time in Saint Petersburg Russia will be end at 2 am and iftar time in Saint Petersburg starting from around 10 pm according to Fiqah e hanafi. For Fiqah e Jafarria (Shia) Ramadan timing in saint Petersburg Russia.   The   sehar time will be end for Fiqah e Jafarria 15 minute before hanafi sehar time and iftar time start after 15 min of hanafi iftar time.  The Muslim people in Saint Petersburg love this month and they change their routine for this month as well as they prepare their self for fast Roza. The (Roza) fast  in Saint Petersburg will be very lengthy this year. The timing for fast (Roza) will be around 20 hours but the advantage is that the weather of this Russian federation city will be not very hot so people will enjoy their (Roza) fast. Muslim people can find Halal food very easily here in Saint Petersburg Russia in any big Super market such as Ashan and Lenta.  The Saint Petersburg Mosque arrange special pray for this Ramadan month and thousands of people participate in these prays, The Pakistan community also arrange some special gathering for this month and they invite all Muslims specially Pakistani people in iftar dinner.  You can see the sehar and iftar 2017 chart (Ramadan calendar) for Saint Petersburg Russia here on our site.

Facts about Ramadan in Russian Federation

Ramadan is the 9th month conferring to Islamic calendar. Ramadan is one of the name of Allah according to Hades Qudse Allah said that this is my month, the full name of Ramadan is Mahe Ramadan means the month of Allah, In this month Almighty shower his blessing upon people and forgive all people who ever ask forgiveness, the last ten days and night of Ramadan are very important during these time people need to worship more and ask the forgiveness from almighty for their all sins. This month is also blessed with lalatul Qader, and we need to search lalatul qader in last ten nights of Ramadan, which is the supreme and greatest as well as blesses night of the year. So, we must raise our devotion and commitment during this period.

Muslim everywhere in world celebrate Ramadan so in Russia as well, Russia is the biggest country of the world and Islam religion is the 2nd furthermost extensively professed in Russia and 94, 00,000 Muslims live here in Russia, Ramadan is the most religious month in Islam. In Russia there are 8 different time zones so Muslims offers their Ramadan duties according to their time break their fast (Roza) according to their own Russian Federation city Ramadan time.  Pakistan Community in Saint Petersburg wishes everybody in Russia and outside Russia A great , happy and peaceful Ramadan 2017 and May Allah blesses us all and forgives all our sins and makes us good Muslims and good human beings.

Sehar and Iftar Chart (Ramadan Calendar) for St. Petersburg Russia Ramadan timing 2017

Ramadan timing

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