Pakistan community in Russia

Pakistan community
in St. Petersburg

pakrussia, Pakistan community in St. Petersburg Russia"PAKRU" is a trusted social and professional network of all Pakistani people in Russia. It’s a place where our people can find complete information about their country fellows, professionals, services providers, important helplines and a complete guide about Saint Petersburg. Representing Pakistani community in Saint Petersburg Russia, PakRu is proud to portray the optimistic image of Pakistani people to Russians. Our forum serves as a formal channel for Russian people, to interact and communicate with all Pakistani people living in Russia!
"PAKRU" started with realization of what are the basic requirements of our Pakistani community abroad. The question of how to get settled in a non- English speaking country always scares you. But, the answer is very simple. It is your own people who will come to help you! Millions of professionals from underdeveloped countries, are attracted to enjoy the perks and career benefits in foreign countries. Today, more than 7 million Pakistani people are living and working abroad for better financial prospects. With its fastest economic developments, better living standards and growth opportunities, Russia is also becoming a famous destination for Pakistani immigrants.The dream of settling in Russia seems perfect until you realize the language limitations in Russia.  All of our people are worried about these two basic questions after coming to Russia.

A How I can talk to other people? I don’t know Russian language


bWhere are our people? How I can find them?


We understand all the concerns of our Pakistani people and help them to establish themselves in a new motherland.  This forum aims to provide solutions of all the basic needs of Pakistani community as a foreigner in Russian Federation. And helping Pakistani people for absorbing Russian culture in a good manner.Our community guidance provides information from basic to completing becoming a native to Russia. This includes our 24/7 helpline, discussion forums, events and gatherings, business consultancies, educational and career guides and many other social activities.

With our acknowledged presence in Russia, we also work for the corporate and social reception of Pakistani officials, business delegates, politicians, famous personalities and celebrities coming to Russia.We our established community chains in Russia, PakRu is bringing you close to all Pakistanis and local people in Russia! Pakistan community in St. Petersburg Russia

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