New Year 2016 Celebrations In St. Petersburg

New Year celebration is a tradition around the world and every country celebrate it in their own way. New year   2016 celebrations in St. Petersburg is on peak with full energy as always.


New Year Celebrations, Russian new year celebrations

Tree decorated on the New Year by Russians

Everyone waits for the New Year eve as the month of December strike the calendar.

On the New Year eve, Russians decorate trees they called it "Youlka" and exchange gifts. They enjoy delicious food, fireworks, and party with family and friends.

There are some special events that happens on New Year in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Get Back to the History of Russian New Year

For Russians, New Year is not just like a change of year. They consider it as a hope that new coming phase will be full of positive energy.

New Year is a festival of changes

Let's go back in the history and see how New Year is celebrated in Saint Petersburg, Russia. There are few things that have not been changed in the celebrations like exchange of gifts. But many things have been changed.

New Year Celebrations, Russian new year celebrations, History of Russian New Year

Peter the Great

New Year Holidays were first proclaimed by the Peter the Great back in 1700 in Russia. Peter the Great is the one who introduced the change of shifting New Year.

New Year celebration are now from old Russian-Byzantine to Julian calendar. He announced celebrations from 1st Jan not on the autumn equinox.

"The New year and Christmas holidays are collectively continued from 30th December from 11th January."

Ice Sculpture Festival

Ice Sculpture is one of the events that Russians celebrate on New Year. This special event was held in St. Petersburg on the occasion of New Year.Different ice sculptures are formed by people and 125 tons of ice required for the formation of 17 large scale sculptures. The biggest ice sculpture of the event was magic castle height of 6 meters.

New Year Celebrations in St. Petersburg,New year celebrations in St. Petersburg

Ice Sculpture on the New Year 2016

Colored Smoke Festival in St. Petersburg

New Year in Saint Petersburg comes with many amazing festivals. One of them is Colored smoke festival.

In winter park everyone came to take part in the wonderful event. In this festival, every person create its own magic by taking part in the overall flash mob.

Festivals in Russian New Year 2016, Festivals in Russian New Year, Events on Russian New Year

New Year celebrations are incomplete with parties and Fireworks. There is a great firework celebration on the bank of Neva River. Neva River is exactly in front of the Peter and Paul fortress. The most beautiful place to see in Saint Petersburg on the New Year is the bridge over Neva River.

Celebrations at New Year in St. Petersburg, New Year 2016 celebrations in St. Petersburg

Fireworks on New Year at St. Petersburg

Russians, love for Food

In Saint Petersburg Russia, people dine in restaurants and enjoy in clubs. New Year is the special occasion for everyone so it needs to be celebrated with delicious traditional food.

Russian New Year celebrations is incomplete without Salad Olivier, this dish is the symbol of prosperity. New Year celebration table in Russia always have  Mandarin.  It's like a tradition to eat Mandarin on New Year for Russians.

New Year Celebrations, Russian new year celebrations, Food on New Year in Russia, New Year 2016 celebrations in St. Petersburg

Family enjoying new year dinner 2016


Russian Traditions followed on New Year 2016

The popular tradition of Russia to celebrate is farewell bid in which they say goodbye to the last year and welcome the coming year with full heart.

Other than this, there is a very interesting tradition that Russians follow on New Year.

In this ritual they write down their wishes for coming year on a piece of paper. Then burn the paper and put the ashes in the glass of champagne and then drink it with the hope that it will come true this year.

Russian New year Tradition to put ashes in Champagne on New Year in St. Petersburg

Speech by the President Vladamir Putin

New Year speech is given by the president and he gave his speech in his traditional way on television. He came on air for the 5 min speech in the midnight.

In the 2016 New Year speech, he has shared special words for the Russian soldiers who are fighting against international terrorism.

New Year Celebrations, Russian new year celebrations

Putin giving speech on the occasion of New Year 2016

After the president speech, celebrations of New Year continues whole night. New year is the time when everyone forgets everything and just move with the flow of the joy and celebrations.

Families and friends got break from their hectic life and welcome the coming year with open arms.

If you come to saint Petersburg, Russia next year

There are wide range of activities that you can enjoy on your visit to St, Petersburg, Russia. In winters, you can enjoy skiing that is also beneficial for the muscles. You can also get into glass blower workshops and learn making of amazing glass items.

New year in Saint Petersburg, New year celebrations in Russia, New Year 2016 celebrations in St. Petersburg

New Year in Saint Petersburg

Other than these fancy events, there are cultural events that you can enjoy. Historical monuments are also center of attractions to visit on New Year holidays.

Whatever you decide to do in the New Year period in this cold frosty weather of St. Petersburg. It should bring joy and warmth into your hearts. Because as the Russian proverb says: “How you will meet New Year, the same way you will spend it”.

New year, ending past and welcome new memories!


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