Illegal Border Attempt by 3 Pakistanis in Pskov region leads to 4-5 year imprisonment

"Illegal border crossing - There is an incident of the illegal border crossing by the Pakistani nationals in the Pskov region in Russia. This is the incident of May 14th, 2016 at 4 o’clock in the morning when 3 Pakistanis attempted to cross the border illegally. All the three students are studying in one of the Saint Petersburg high schools.(PLN - Pskov_23 May, 2016)"

Pskov map, map of pskov

Map of Pskov border

The students had not any legal valid document of crossing the territory of Pytalovskogo to exit Russia. They were just about 100 meters away to cross the border when they were caught by the Pskov border officials.

This is a criminal activity to cross the border without having any legal permission from the government officials of the country.

A criminal case was issued on all the three students under Part 3 of Article 30. This article is about the illegal crossing of border of Russian Federation by the group of people by agreement. According to the legal sanction, the students were imprisoned for 4-5 years.

logoPakRu being a Pakistani community in Russia helped legally in this matter on the extreme request of Pakistani families. They helped the students to get bail and to lessen the punishment with having a dialogue the respective authority.

Pakistan is now having very good and flourishing relation with Russian Government. But such incidents has badly affected the reputation of Islamic Republic of Pakistan all over the world. These kind of criminal activities destroy the image of Pakistan in other countries. We should be careful to do any such activity when we are in any foreign country. It created a valued damage to the reputation as well as to the relationship of both the countries.

PakRu is determined to improve and reshape the image of Pakistani community in Russian Federation. But these kinds of events cost a lot to create a positive perception of Pakistani people in the mind of Russian people.

It is our responsibility, not of anyone else’s!

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